Duco Ergo Sum
See that dude up there? Yeah him. Fuckin' babe.

Ignigeno/Iggy/Laura is a gamer, artist (pornographer), part-time gif maker, casual hero, Fettel Fancier (it's like a pigeon fancier...only weirder) and purveyor of esoteric character fanart.
[throws an arm at ur face]
*retaliates with a pair of lungs and a liver*

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At some point I really need to draw Hannibal and Fettel having a food fight. I don’t think I need to explain why.

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Having legitimate crushes on a fictional character




pepple shud stop complenin because zelda knows magic an’ smesh bros isn’t rel-listic.

no one can convince me this is fine

My boss just ran off of the shop floor flailing and screaming like a little girl…
Because of a bumblebee.

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