Duco Ergo Sum
See that dude up there? Yeah him. Fuckin' babe.

Ignigeno/Iggy/Laura is a gamer, artist, part-time gif maker, casual hero, Fettel Fancier and purveyor of esoteric character fanart. Lives in England and works in a GAME store, loves everyone.


This is not a quoll. It is a barking owl getting a scratch on the head and making happy owl noise.


”[…] he’s also one of the most thought-provokingly brilliant. Why? Because for the majority of male gamers, Eddie Gluskin is the closest any of us will come to understanding the degradation and horror of being stalked or raped.”

I just think this article is brilliant and everyone should read it. 


Sometimes there are no words


Please don’t confuse people that fangirl fictional serial killers with ones that fangirl real ones. Thanks


I have never related to a comic so personally before