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See that dude up there? Yeah him. Fuckin' babe.

Ignigeno/Iggy/Laura is a gamer, artist, part-time gif maker, casual hero, Fettel Fancier and purveyor of esoteric character fanart. Lives in England and works in a GAME store, loves everyone.


There are game devs.
And then there is Kojima.

Today’s edition of “there’s no way in hell I’m touching that box”

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emikw94 asked: Hi! Can you please put more photos of the Point Man from the Co-op? We can see Paxton much times in the game but almost never the PM (only in the cutscenes)! C: Some photos of Paxton I would accept, too :P Ta-ta! Bye bye! 

Sure thing. :) I have a lot of screenshots from yesterday so I’ll post some later tonight when I get home.

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Well today is off to a great start…ouch

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