Duco Ergo Sum
See that dude up there? Yeah him. Fuckin' babe.

Ignigeno/Iggy/Laura is a gamer, artist, part-time gif maker, casual hero, Fettel Fancier and purveyor of esoteric character fanart. Lives in England and works in a GAME store, loves everyone.

I just…wanted to draw Fettel streaking through an Armacham office. No explanation needed here I think. :o He looks happy with himself.

Poor Aldus Bishop looks as though he’s had his eyes seared by the light being reflected off of Paxtons’ pale ass.

Alice, don’t just stand there! Control your nephew!

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    I’ve learnt not to stop Paxton from doing things. It tends to end in death. Instead I’ll try to be the cool auntie that...
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    (( UHDSUGAODHSAGSG ALDUS MY BABBU YOU’RE SO PRECIOUS )) Paxton put some clothes on :I